Maxbodytone (MBT) fitness classes are taught online via Zoom platform and they are ideal for all abilities and fitness levels. You require no equipment and you are not tied into monthly contract. If you want to lose weight and tone your body these classes are perfect for you. Have the peace of mind by training with a registered and insured personal trainer. To get your health screen questionnaire please email:
Mondays 5.30pm BOX4LIFE

Get fit and strong with this non contact boxing fitness class. You’ll burn around 350-400 calories during the class & your body will stay in a metabolic state for 9-14 hours where it counties burning calories long after the class. This is a great fitness class to lose weight and build lean muscle mass.  You will not require any equipment but a fitness mat will be very helpful to you. Also bring a bottle of water.

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Thursdays 5.30pm - Strength

This training focuses on exercises that target muscles in the abdomen and lower back, strengthening the core to perform daily tasks safely.  Maxbodytone is  good for everyone. Whether you’re a pro athlete or a regular person, Maxbodytone fitness class is for you. The exercises can be modified  and can be performed by anyone.

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Thursday 6.30pm Cardio + core

This class is  great for your cardiovascular health. That means it's beneficial to your heart and circulatory system. This class involves functional body movements with no requirements for equipment.

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Fridays 6pm Athletic Perfomance

This fitness class improves your body composition. It helps enhance your performance in competition and increase potential for success in a chosen sport or everyday activity.

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Saturdays 8.00am Bootcamp

This class involves light resistance equipment and bodyweight exercises. All abilities are welcome as there will be variations to all the exercises in the fitness class. This is a great class that helps to boost metabolism, athleticism, weight management, mental wellbeing and overall wellness. The class is an engaging and taught in a fun environment.

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Saturdays 9am - Legs, Bums &Tums

This full-body aerobic workout aims to tone up those flabby areas of your thighs, bum, and stomach. It's great for those who want to lose weight or even for those who simply want to improve their fitness levels. Our classes generally start with a gentle warm-up to get your body moving.

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